Kids Emporium

Kids Emporium occupies a unique position in the South African baby and children's industry by providing the orld's premier shopping experience for expectant and new parents.

Our product is peace of mind; you're secure in the knowledge that all you're doing for your child is backed by intelligent design, materials with both style and longevity, plus product selection and service
excellence motivated by our two ideals: the relentless search for the best for your child and to be the first choice for all parents... in quality, price and service.

The energy of our stores comes across in numerous and frequently unexpected ways, prompting the ethos as a 'home from home' and, we hope, a pleasant and enjoyable experience that one wouldn't call "just shopping".


Shop 16



Contact Person: Maya
Tel: 021 794 8082

Trading hours: MON-FRI9-5.30 SAT 9-5 SUN 9-1 MOST PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 10-2